‘Every end has a new beginning…’ #UOSM2008

UOSM2008 Learning experience


(Self-produced via Canva)

Before embarking on my #UOSM2008 journey I had no idea how much this module would help me improve and develop my digital skills as well as help build my digital CV. With weekly interaction between my peers and lecturers, I have developed the appropriate communication skills and learnt more than I can imagine over the last 4 months.


UOSM2008 has proven to be a unique and modernised way of learning which has furthered my knowledge on different topics ranging from digital residents/visitors to open access. The slideshow below is designed to show what I have learnt each week in a summarised detail.

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UOSM2008 has undoubtedly been my best module at university so far not just because it offers no exams and lectures (although this is a major bonus!) but it has been very enjoyable to maintain a professional blog which I hope to show to future employers. My confidence in carrying out online tasks has definitely grown, as I have become more aware of the type of content I should be posting online and I have gained new technical skills by using the likes of Piktochart, Canva and Biteable, to name but a few.

Before I started the module properly, I rated my level of digital skills from a scale of 1-5 using a digital self-test. Using one of my new-found skills, I have used Piktochart below to highlight where I currently position myself on the digital literacy scale.


Development of online professional profiles

Topic 2 and 3 has got to be my favourite blog posts I have produced over the course of the module. As well as creating a professional portfolio, I found that these topics taught me the importance of managing my online privacy, security and identity which could then be reflected onto my online professional profile such as LinkedIn. Although, I had an account for it, I was very inactive but since then this has completely changed.

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Furthermore, where I had a personal twitter account I deemed it unprofessional to link it to my LinkedIn account. As a result, I created a new twitter handle which not twitteronly updated me with UOSM2008 but where I could interact with my peers as I shared relevant articles each week.

I would definitely say that my biggest achievement throughout the course was gaining a gold star in topic 2 and having my work showcased on an MOOC which could be accessed by people across the world!

Beyond UOSM2008

As I consider a career in digital marketing, UOSM2008 has encouraged me to continue to use blogging as a creative way to show what I am most passionate about. As such, I intend to start a blog where I post about fitness and exercise whilst also using my other social media accounts to increase engagement.

I would like to thank Nic, Lisa and Sarah for their support and feedback as well as offering a style of teaching I have never experienced before. Also to my peers, where their contributions to UOSM2008 have been very inspiring and a great read. I look forward to starting a new journey where I can utilise the skills I have gained from this module.

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