Topic 5- Reflection

This was the last topic for #UOSM2008 and what a journey it has been!

I must admit, I found this week’s topic quite challenging to begin with as I felt as though quite a lot of the research I found was aimed at advantages for digital consumers and not content producers. However, I was overwhelmed with the positive and increased number of comments my peers had left on my blog which ranged from the title of my post that had engaged them to read further, to the fact that I had not just focused on open access for academic purposes but also how it affects the music industry.

Open access has made me think about how easy it is to take for granted the free material we can access online and become frustrated when we’re required to pay. We also tend to forget about the implications of open access for the content producer. However, I think it is fair to say more solutions should be found in order to allow open access to thrive but not at the expense of content producers. For example, Philip’s blog suggested systems like Crowdfund and Patreon which is something I had failed to find in my research.

The conversation I had with Mary on her blog made me think about how paywalls can offer advantages and disadvantages to content producers. Looking back at my post, I should have incorporated more visuals to complement what I had briefly written about paywalls. Therefore, below I have produced an infographic highlighting the main advantages and disadvantages of this.


Overall, I am very proud of my progress since the start of the module and I definitely feel that with each blog post my content and use of visuals has improved massively.

Word count: 294

My comments:

Madeleine’s blog

Mary’s blog


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