Topic 4: Reflection

Topic 4 offered us the creative freedom to explore different ethical issues that arise from the use of social media in business or education. This week encouraged me to engage more with my colleagues’ posts as issues raised, ranged from the digital divide to hate speech online, which I have learnt a great deal from.

different ethical issues

Figure 1: Screenshot of a presentation self-produced on canva

As such, the presentation above shows Different ethical issues I had not yet considered and found thought-provoking from my peers.

As it was open to our own interpretation, I chose to talk about how the use of cookies on the internet can cause a major breach in our privacy. As third party websites continue to access our personal information, it is not surprising to learn that users are trying to find alternative ways to keep their privacy and anonymity. Alex and I discussed the idea of The Dark Web being an option which prevents our digital footprints being shared all over the internet. Through further research, I found this article which explores how it is ‘getting easier to hide on the Dark Web’.

After my discussion with Harriet, I was introduced to several ideas regarding the use of social media in education. Benefits included enhanced creativity and improved communication skills between teachers and students- which is what I have experienced throughout the #UOSM2008 module. For instance, I have found myself engaging productively in online communities such as Twitter where I share articles about relevant topics to discuss with my peers and for them to use in their work.


It has been incredibly interesting to see how each of the topics so far have tied in so well together, and I have thoroughly enjoyed reading the different approaches people have had to this topic in order to shed light on issues I would once not have considered. I am looking forward to the final topic and hope to make it my best one yet!

Word count: 314

My comments: Wei and Harriet


Ball, J.W. (2011) ‘Addressing and overcoming the digital divide in schools.’Academic Journal. [Accessed: 22 April 2017].

Greenberg, A. (2017). Its about to get even easier to hide on The Dark Web. [online] Available at: [Accessed 26 Apr. 2017].

Figure 1: Self produced on


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