Topic 3- Reflection

I must admit, before starting my research for this topic I thought I would be pretty much repeating most of what I had said in last weeks’ posts. However, shortly after I quickly learnt this was not the case and realised how important authenticity is as part of your online professionalism. I would say this week has been the most interesting and enjoyable topic to write about as it allowed me to express and consider different strategies such as blogging to develop a professional profile which this module is currently allowing me to do.

Furthermore, I was convinced that I was up to date with how authentic I come across on my LinkedIn and other social media accounts. Yet, reading Patricia’s blog and seeing the tips she had to offer showed me that I was nowhere near the ‘All-star’ profile strength. I found this very inspiring and by using her advice, I intend to pick out the main tips I perceive to be the most important and alter my LinkedIn where possible so that I could stand out to prospective employers.

Reading and commenting on other people’s blogs is a definite highlight of this module, as it stimulates my thinking and allows me to see a different perspective of the topic which I may not have thought of. For example, I found my discussion with Jordan very thought-provoking as I was unaware of the EU ‘right to be forgotten’ proposal which allows people to have their information online removed which they may feel can hinder their chances of finding employment. At the same time, people have argued that it interferes with the right of free speech. Moreover, blogging has become such a social phenomenon, and Andrei’s blog made me question whether blogging can come across as time-consuming for recruiters to use in their recruitment.

For next week, I will continue interacting further with my colleagues through Twitter by sharing more articles that relates to the next topic (as seen below).


Comments on Andrei’s and Patricia’s blogs.

Word count: 330


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