Topic 2- Reflection

One of the highlights of this module is being able to read and comment on the work of my peers. This week I made more of a conscious effort to gauge the ideas surrounded by this topic and approach the topic with the understanding that there are different points of view.

Topic 2 introduced the concept of having multiple online identities. Like me, David had touched upon the notion of having multiple identities in order to establish a clear disparity between our professional and personal lives. The use of video was engaging as it reinforced the importance of maintaining an online identity which employers would not deem to be inappropriate. At the same time, the idea that having multiple online identities could be time consuming was something I had not thought of and it bought to light how creating one can lead to a personal identity crisis.

Furthermore, Caiti’s blog mentions the different layers of social identity and the useful ways in which people can protect it such as using a different email address for online banking. She also talks about how teenagers are increasingly managing their online authenticity but at the same time editing information they do not want to share with strangers- this is something I felt I could relate to.

A discussion with Patricia on my blog made me come to the realisation that a crucial ingredient in the way companies market themselves online, is through their consumers’ digital footprints, which in turn provides them monetary value. Thus I have created an infographic which displays the different ways our data can be used.


By using the feedback from last week’s topic, I made sure I used the appropriate tools to produce my own visuals to curate the relevant information and showcase my ideas and personal experience in a range of forms. This is something I will continue using in my future posts as it received positive responses.

My comments can be viewed here: Louise, Caiti, David

Word count: 330


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