Topic 1: A reflection

Before I had started this module I was quite nervous but excited to see what challenges I would be faced with, especially since I had never set up a blog before and have never been faced with writing about a topic with such a limited word count. Although in the beginning I had some difficulty with using WordPress, I do feel that with the drop-in sessions, I have the support from my tutors to improve my ways of being an ‘online resident’.

Topic 1 not only has taught me to write in a short concise manner, but I have learnt about a new typology that I have never come across before. Researching Prensky’s analogy has opened me up to new ideas on how people can be categorized differently just through using the web. I also feel that being able to read and analyse different interpretations from my peers, has been a great way to gain an in-depth understanding of this topic surrounding the digital age. For example, judging from the blogs I read, I felt that most of us agreed on the idea that it is difficult to establish where we may fall on the visitor-resident continuum.

Furthermore, I was pleased to see that my blog post received quite positive feedback, where I was complimented mainly on how I structured my post and for its clear layout- making it easy for others to read and follow. I also found that people engaged well with my personal references making them identify well with my post.

However, following Sharon’s feedback, for future topics I will attempt to incorporate my own self-produced images and videos in order to provide a higher level of engagement to my #UOSM2008 contributors.

It is safe to say that it has been a great learning curve so far and I am eager to see what future topics will be!

Links to my comments can be seen below:

Ellie’s blog here

Sharon’s blog here



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