‘Every end has a new beginning…’ #UOSM2008

UOSM2008 Learning experience (Self-produced via Canva) Before embarking on my #UOSM2008 journey I had no idea how much this module would help me improve and develop my digital skills as well as help build my digital CV. With weekly interaction between my peers and lecturers, I have developed the appropriate communication skills and learnt more … More ‘Every end has a new beginning…’ #UOSM2008

Topic 5- Reflection

This was the last topic for #UOSM2008 and what a journey it has been! I must admit, I found this week’s topic quite challenging to begin with as I felt as though quite a lot of the research I found was aimed at advantages for digital consumers and not content producers. However, I was overwhelmed … More Topic 5- Reflection

Read me, Its free!

Our world as we know it is becoming more digitalised, where access to any information we may need is available almost everywhere online. As a result, much of the online content we come across is of open access which Suber (2015) describes as ‘digital, online, free of charge and free from almost all copyright and … More Read me, Its free!

Topic 4: Reflection

Topic 4 offered us the creative freedom to explore different ethical issues that arise from the use of social media in business or education. This week encouraged me to engage more with my colleagues’ posts as issues raised, ranged from the digital divide to hate speech online, which I have learnt a great deal from. … More Topic 4: Reflection

Topic 3- Reflection

I must admit, before starting my research for this topic I thought I would be pretty much repeating most of what I had said in last weeks’ posts. However, shortly after I quickly learnt this was not the case and realised how important authenticity is as part of your online professionalism. I would say this … More Topic 3- Reflection

LinkedWin: Developing your online profile

It has been the status quo that CVs and cover letters have been at the forefront of establishing your professional profile. However, significant changes in technology has influenced employers to change the ways in which they screen and hire candidates, primarily by using social media sites. The following infographic that I’ve produced, highlights key statistics … More LinkedWin: Developing your online profile